About Us

A society with resilient socio-economic environment, enabling the development of children and young adults.


Work to increase opportunities and build protective and productive assets of vulnerable children, adolescent girls and young women from socioeconomic disadvantaged households in Tanzania.


Build the holistic social, health, educational and economic assets of children, adolescent girls and young women in the context of integrated family and community development.

All of the actions of AGH are guided by the following core values:

1. Discipline and Commitment: We value the quality of self-discipline, time management, and are committed to our vision and mission statement.

2. Accountability and Transparency: We believe in being accountable for the effectiveness of our actions, open in all of our dealings and practices, non-judgemental and having open communication with others.

3. Team Spirit and Creativeness: We believe in working together as a team free from the fear of failure. We strive to follow the three core principles of success: awareness, strategic decision-making, and ultimate action-orientation.

4. Gender Sensitivity: We uphold gender equality, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity – regardless of their sex, sexuality, age, race, color, class or religion – to express themselves and to gain a high level of well-being.

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