About Us.

Amani Girls Organization

Vision: A sustainable evolution of resilient, safe, equitable, and healthy communities in a just and inclusive Tanzania.

Mission Statement: Builds the protective and productive resources of children, youth, and families to enable their active participation in community and National development.

Main Goal: Foster community development through the promotion of human rights and gender equality by positioning children. Girls and young women are at the center of all our programming.

1. Building inclusive, equitable, sustainable, and resilient communities through the promotion of gender role transformation social norm change, and economic empowerment.
2. Improve the readiness and receptiveness of children ages 0-8 to learning and promote their overall health and well-being through access to quality early childhood development (ECD) programming and complementary programming for parents and caregivers.
3. Promote health education and referral for Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent, and Reproductive Health, Malaria, and HIV/AIDS prevention across the lifecycle, with a focus on adolescent girls and young women.

Amani’s works are guided by the following five core principles: –
1. Active Listening – We consistently challenge our assumptions and inequalities by actively listening to and co-defining priorities from the perspectives of those our programming intends to serve.

2. Co-creation – Amani creates diverse, inclusive, and participatory spaces where lived experience skills and evidence can combine to co-create viable local solutions. Reflect, learn, and evolve together based on practical experience and desired outcomes.

3. Shared leadership and power by working in allyship – Amani openly acknowledges power and privilege disparities and allows partners to voice, agency, and influence over the programs intended to serve them. Engage in active and continuous processes of unlearning and re-evaluating, in which people in positions of privilege and power seek to operate in solidarity with marginalized groups.

4. Create real value – Amani provides the right level of support to girls and other partners such that they are comfortable and benefit from all points of interaction.

5. Do No Harm – Amani has Zero tolerance for discrimination, violence in any form, and child exploitation.

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